Hi there! I’m Kay, a CPA by profession with a passion for being an Airbnb host! 

I’ve been a host for 5 years and have seen tremendous growth in the industry. Which led me to think, “what is the next step? Where will this industry be in 5 to 10 years?”

I’ve read many literature on the vacation rental industry and have bisected many theories of where this industry is heading and the one theory that gets the most talk is Listing Site Independence(LSI), but is LSI the end goal?

In my opinion, it is not! You see it is only a small part of it. The end goal should be building brand name vacation rental companies that are every day household names. I call this movement the Vacation Rental Disruptors!  You see, the disruptors are breaking the mold of what a vacation rental should be.  

Disruptors are enhancing the guest experience through value creation. Using data attained from direct contact with guests to create this value. Building systems and using software to create efficiency and then scaling this model by adding additional locations. 

Below is the VR Disrupter Model, showing the most ideal steps to use when starting your Airbnb from day 1 to what I see as the end goal or really the future of the vacation rental industry, brand name vacation rentals. 

I am still on this journey to becoming a VR Disrupter and figured how better to share my experiences and thoughts than to start a blog.

 I created the VRBB Masterclass Community forum to allow you to dialogue and share ideas with other hosts. Find out how other hosts like you over came challenges like; how to get stains out of towels and sheets, how to respond to guest messages etc. Remember we are all experts in our own right and how better to become greater hosts than to learn from each other. Let’s do this


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