Create Your Own Logo

If you look at the picture above most likely you know every company the logos above represent.

Not only do you know it but they give you a feeling of trust.

After you have named your business. The next step should be creating your logo. 

Where do you start?

1.Find a few logos that you find interesting.

2.Think about your business name and find what image can relay or best represent your name and brand. Think about what colors best reflect your name or the area or climate your Airbnb is located.

3. Put these ideas on a board and start to play around with them using a logo design website. One of the most popular FREE and easy to use website is Canva.

You will most likely come out if this creative process with a few possibilities. Show them to friends, family members or even strangers on the street. It’s always best to get feedback. Let this assist in determining your final logo design but don’t let them make the final decision for you. Take that input coupled with what you want your rental’s identity to be and make that final decision yourself.

 Doing this process as the owner has a two fold effect. It makes you a lot more intimate with your brand and it unleashes a creative side you might have been unaware you had!

Remember branding your business starts at day one!



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